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over there. back to the live camera in maryland. 270 from father hurley to the split. all lanes are open and no incidents or accidents reported. same story on 50. i think people are coming back. the toll plaza to the beltway. maybe from the eastern shore things looking good there, as well. and finally if people have to go in to dc for issues not a lot of people are working right now. all clear in dc, as well. back to you. >>> thank you. >>> at the top of the hour we are following breaking news. a couple of houses on fire in northwest northeast washington. this is a live picture from island avenue just east of north capitol street in northeast washington. two homes caught fire. 75 firefighters responded to the scene and got it under control in 15 minutes. the good news there are no reports of any injuries. a nice day and engineering made the 4th of july one to remember on the national mall. hundreds of thousands of people crowded downtown and places around town and took in an amazing fireworks display and concert. the perfect backdrop for america's 234th birthday. >> it was marve
about whether the chairman of the republican party and former maryland lieutenant governor michael steele can effectively lead the gop. several top republicans condemn the remarks that afghanistan "was a war of obama's choosing." here's abc2 news's jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: michael steele is trying to save his job but his own party members are talking. >> dismayed, angry, upset. >> i think the statements are wildly inaccurate. it's unacceptable. >> reporter: at a connecticut fundraiser steele spoke against the republican position on the war in afghanistan. >> this is a war of obama's choosing. this is not -- a war that - >> reporter: it's not his first mistake. he was quoted as saying abortion is a woman as individual choice while the party takes a pro-life position and also had to explain entertainment expenses of young republicans at a topless bar then there was the ins sult of the republican icon rush limbaugh. >> yes, it's ugly. >> reporter: republicans have had enough. >> mr. steele is going to have to assess as to whether he can still lead the republican party. >> reporte
. in maryland, the weather is already responsible for that as many heat-related deaths as all of last year. so far, six people have died in maryland in some relationship to the heat. virginia and credit card, they already surpassed last year's total as well. three people in virginia and one in the districts, they have to come to heat-related illness. >>> another fire this morning in northwest dc. they have left 18 people homeless. and it was first reported around 5:00 this morning at 10 rhode island avenue. after neighbors spotted flames on the roof. the fire spread to two adjacent homes. 100 firefighters worked to get it all under control. investigators are now trying to figure out the cause. >> right now, fire investigators believe that the fire was accidental. and the residence, they did have a gathering last night to have a fairly large rooftop deck. and that is at number ten. of course this 4th of july. there are a number of sources of platform admissions. and at this point, nothing has been ruled out. >> no one was hurt in the fire. dc authorities, they said that the damage to the units
. cumberland 63. 75 in southern maryland. locally we have 64 reston, 66 laytonsville, columbia 68. people on the beach. i'm sure we will see them in a moment. washington 74. what we are looking at today is a hot day. temperatures by noon in the low 90s. upper 90s to locally 100 and code red air quality, the first time this year. that means ground level air will not be healthy. if you are outside, limit your time and do what you can to avoid creating extra pollution. >>> it is 4:30. patranya bhoolsuwan is in for angie this morning. >> happy monday you. some of you may just be heading home from celebrations overnight. if you know people getting home right now you may want to warn them about this. this is the outer loop at route 5. a crash is blocking three right lanes only the left lane is getting by. not much traffic yet but something to watch for this morning. moving on to the topside of the beltway from 95 to 270 we are seeing traffic out there. this is typical for a monday after the celebrations. maybe people getting home a little later but no big problems out there. moving to our graph
>>> hot as an oven. maryland is baking in a heat wave. how bad will it get and how long will it last. >> i'm kai jackson and mary is off. it's a summer scorcher, it's not just uncomfortable, the temperatures are dangerous. and in centennial park, people made sure they had drinks in hand. outside, it's a hot day with clouds in addition to the heat, the air is dangerous because of smog. we're live with the first warning weather coverage and bernadette woods bern and bob turk are updating the souring numbers. >> by the way, five months ago today was the first of the big blizzards, by the way. we'll look at the temperatures. the last report at 99 degrees at dwi -- bwi and the dew point is 62 and 81 at ocean city and 87 and the heat index is still around 101 degrees. 92 at ocean city and 95 at oakland. it's about miserable everywhere accept on the water. and bernadette woods is joining us from, i guess a rather warm out back with a look at the heat. >>> well, it definitely is hot outside. as anyone knows. i want to show you tomorrow, temperatures a degree or two highier and
. the recent extreme heat is to blame for six deaths so far in maryland. on, you can search for code red. coming up at 6:30. how the scorching heat can affect your kids and how the hot weather can make them sick. linda so, abc2 news. >> you can track the weather to your own neighborhood. log on to where you can also check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >>> 5:00. investigators are trying to determine what sparked a fire that forced dozens of people from their homes this holiday weekend. let's go to woodlawn. we're out here in this apartment complex. it's on diamond ridge road and a county fire spokesman says 16 apartments in the building were damaged, 30 had to be evacuated and many are them are told they will have to find another place to live. >>> people in a parkville apartment complex had to be evacuated after a car slammed into their building. this is a picture from the scene. the incident happened around 1:00 saturday morning at the kennel worth apartments. a spokesman says you can't tell why the white lexus lost control. drowsy neighbors had t
the cooling centers. the recent extreme heat is the blame for six deaths in maryland. we'll have a list of the city's cooling centers on search for code red. working outside can be tough, but imagine steaming crabs with temperatures pushing 100 degrees or more. abc2 news stopped by the fisherman's crab deck for a look at one of the hottest jobs. >> here at fisherman's crab deck, people come to get a bite to eat and cool off. to get that food, someone has to prepare it and these are the people who make it happen in the kitchen. it's hot back here, but here's where the real men work. the real hot men. it gets warm working over these crab steamers, just ask seven year veteran, tony. >> you just sweat all day long. >> it may be hot outside, but it gets hot back here. to the tune of 160 degrees. you aren't just back here a little while, there's a lot of work to be done. >> we start at 7:00, 7:30. sometimes we don't get done until 3:00 in the afternoon. mike is the su chef and making 40-gallons of crab deck is hot enough, but he knows where the hottest job is. >> those guys
been blocking three lanes. watch for that if you are heading out on 495 in maryland. as we switch over, quiet between 95 and 270. no problems to report here. the beltway as we switch over to see how things are looking between springfield and tysons corner, clean and green. no problems. on 95 in virginia that might be heavy later today as people make their way back to dc but right now things are looking good northbound and southbound and finally in dc we are moving on m street right now looking on key bridge over to georgetown. no big problems reported. back to you. >>> hopefully this will be the last day more than 1 million wssc customers in montgomery and prince georges counties have to conserve water. crews are hoping to finish repairs on a 96-inch main which shows signs of rupturing last week. kristin fisher is live in potomac, maryland with the latest. >> good morning. very good news this morning. wssc is reporting that old repairs on the pipe behind me should be complete by some point today. but until then wssc is requiring that these mandatory water restrictions stay in effect fo
young that can be affected. the hot tops have already turned deadly for six people so far in maryland. doctors statewide are renewing their warning to avoid hyperthey were ya also known as heat exhaustion. some of the symptoms include not only sweating but dizziness and muscle cramps. a code red heat alerts that already been declared in baltimore city and will run through wednesday. >>> most people have returned safely to their homes after a trip to the inner harbor last night for the 4th of july fireworks show. hundreds of police officers were there working overtime to help things run smoothly. and wjz and gentleman fuji live at the -- andrea fuji live at the inner harbor. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. there were huge crowds here last night. as of right now there are no major incidents to report. that is due in part to careful planning by the baltimore city police department who were prepared for the worst. along with the fireworks celebration in downtown baltimore, police closely patrolled for trouble. >> these are bad guys with guns. >> reporter: an estimated 1
officers watched over the crowd. they were joined by maryland state police. during a break in the action we instigated a firework reaction contest. >> we heard a lot of ooh and ahh tonight. everything went off without a hitch. no problems reported. police believe that the crowd size is a bit larger than last year, possibly putting a figure above 110,000 people. >> thank you. no holiday from the violence this weekend, police are investigating two deadly overnight shootings in east baltimore. jason rogers was found by any 1000 block of north patrick avenue and later pronounced dead at johns hopkins. the second sooting happened just hours earlier. police say that a 23-year-old man was shot in the head. he was taken to johns hopkins where he died a short time later. brace yourself for yet another summer scorcher. if you thought that the heat was unbearable today, it will only get hotter for the next few days. officials say that there have been 60 related deaths in maryland so far this year. that number could increase after the next one. the very young and the elderly are more susceptible to hea
after the heat wave is over. >> reporter: maryland is baking. the baltimore area is under a code red alert. the air is unhealthy. people are out exercising this morning. they should exercise caution later on in the day. >> that's a recipe for danger, for the people being out in the hot weather and not using the common sense. >> reporter: the sun is strong and it's critical to drink water. >> the people at risk are those at risk physiologically, young children and the old. they have less ability to tolerate the extremes of temperatures and dehydrations. >> if you have to be outside, keep yourself hydrated and have a hat and be mindful and listen to your body as you're outside. for the most part, try to stay indoors and in cool conditions. stay in the air-conditioning. >> reporter: maryland had six heat related deaths this year. that's the same number we had all of last year. >> >> this is not something to be messed around with. even if you're young and healthy. >> reporter: and even if you're in the city or at the beach. >> reporter: here, we've seen a lot more people still out exerci
today. let's take a live look at route 50 at the bay bridge in maryland. cars on the left are coming back from the eastern shore. and now we will take a look at 95 in virginia. just north of the potomac mills mall. a mix of shoppers and people coming back from vacation. >>> nearly 2 million people in prince georges and montgomery counties are still under mandatory water restrictions. crews are working to repair that failing water main in potomac. kristin fisher tells us when the repairs will complete and when the water restrictions may be lifted. >> reporter: this is a piece of pipe that was causing all of these problems. over the weekend, crews removed it an replaced it with a new piece of pipe and now the hope is that all of the repairs will be complete by the end of today. after four days of around the clock repairs, wssc is now hours away from fixing the failing water main. all that's left is for crews to complete a water quality test. even when the pipe is up and running the water restrictions could stay in effect for the nearly 2 million wssc customers in prince georges and mon
degrees. so far this year there have been six deaths in maryland due to the heat and officials say everyone needs to take precautions. >> code red heat will dominate the forecast this week, and state health officials are concerned. there have been six deaths already this year. >> people take precautions, we can keep the number down. with the heat going up, it is likely we will see more deaths. >> the most common health concerns are heat stroke and heat exhaustion. people with respiratory conditions for our problems, the elderly, and the young are the most likely to be affected. there are things you can do to keep you and your family say. >> plenty of fluids. stay out of the heat in the middle of the day. get into air-conditioning if you can. these are the types of things to protect yourself. >> everyone needs to heed the warnings, not just the people in high risk groups. >> it can affect anyone. do not take this lightly. it is just as serious for your health as the heavy snows we had in the middle of winter. people can die from this. it is good to protect yourself. >> wbal tv 11 ne
, thank you. our big story this morning, maryland health officials say six people have died so far this year due to the heat. >> as tony just mentioned, yet another heat wave is expected this week. kim dacey live on how we can beat the heat. kim, good morning. >> good morning, sarah and sam. baltimore city has issued a code red heat alert for today through wednesday of this week. they say there's already been six heat-related deaths so far this year in maryland, and that number could increase following this next heat wave. the best thing to do is try to stay out of the heat and in the air conditioning as much as possible this week. but if you do have to be outside, drink plenty of fluids and try to stay in the shade or wear a hat to protect your skin. the very young and elderly, as well as those with chronic health conditions, like respiratory or heart problems, are more susceptible to heat illnesses. the secretary of the department of health and mental hygiene says everyone should take precaution. >> it can affect anyone, and so don't take this lightly. this is in many ways just a
has been a very popular place. it's just closing for the day. there's been six deaths in maryland so far this year. much of maryland is under a code red alert. it's not stopping some from enjoying their day off outside. >> i'm the guy that says ice cold, ice cold, and i keep nice ice cold drinks for them. >> reporter: the numbers are matching deaths all of last year and the summer has just begun. >> this weather is not to be messed around with, everyone , even if you're young and healthy. >> reporter: is it hot out? >> yes. >> reporter: the wind feels like a heat wave in your face. >> general over all fatigue, some people get nauseated, some people get dizzy. >> reporter: it's important to drink about a quart of water every half hour if you are out exercising. >> i think the heat is great, i love it. >> reporter: perhaps the best work out today is in the pool. >> sticky, muggy, you don't want to come outside in weather like this. but if you can and cool off some where, why not do it at a pool. >> reporter: and a lot of people did that today, one of the biggest dangers is heat stroke
. maryland has reported six heat-related deaths. that's the same number maryland had all last year. three deaths have been reported in virginia from the heat and one in the district. definitely time to stay inside. the key today, if you do have to go outside, you want to wear light-colored clothing and have plenty of water with you. otherwise you're going to feel faint. it is extremely hot, unbearable if you're watching this on tv and you're in air conditioning, you're in the best spot in the house. >> good advice. thanks, jane. >>> mandatory water restrictions are in place for people in montgomery or prince george's county. the good news is relief is on the way. they have fixed the cracked water main but the work isn't finished yet. our reporter has been covering this since the dark of morning and she has the latest from potomac, maryland. >> reporter: the damaged section of pipe could be seen sitting along the side of the road this morning. the new segment is in place and work crews have begun to partially backfill the hole. the repair work should be completed sometime today. but that d
relief is 96, 98. that's all i have for you. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, i'm not picking up on anything. just the five sweeps across the board so that means we're going to be dry and we're going to stay that way the next several days. currently into edgewood around 67 degrees. and we are just going to get even hotter as the day progresses. i'm not telling you any stories here. the 12-hour forecast. we're waking up to temperatures in the upper 60s to 70s. as we go into lunchtime 95 degrees. you want that ac, eat that lunch indoors, by the afternoon, around 3:00, 4:00, that is the hottest part of the day. you want to check on the elderly and please do not keep your pets in the car and children in the car. we'll see 100 degrees for a high today. >>> kim, talk about the traffic. >> good morning. because it's a holiday for most people, don't expect to see a traditional or typical rush hour for monday. we're looking good in terms of volume, hardly any out there. no delays either as you make your way around the area. the beltway at old court road, hardly anybody on the streets n
republican chairman michael comments. >> this is the war -- >> how people in maryland are reacting o his words. %-this early 5th of july enjjy the cool temperatures innthe >>> how ould you like a little -ip-hop with yourrforecast? >> it is 804, everybodd, oh, yes, the rapping man is back doing what i do best. iim a weather man. i got my weathhr map. if you have a weather question, go ahead and ask. >> what is today's forecass. >> a weather man in texas is -is deliiery. once a month, nick raps his practice a year ago when the city of bow wa!beaumonttwas in e middle oo a long drought. he didn't want his forecast to becooe to negative he started rapping t. tony pagnotti is going to follow-up aarap of his own. >>> don't you hate weather guys who don't take the weather -eriously. come on.ú >> rap the ffrecast. >> i will work on it but for no3 -he rap is a hot one. a lot of hot air is coming out of this forecaster this morning and wow, we're goinn to be seeiig and feeling a hint of things to comee already, 77 in charm city. 74 in hagerstown, cooler around the easteen show, 68 ddgrees in sal
do to keep cool. kim? >> sarah and stan, there have been six deaths so far this year in maryland from the heat, and that has health officials concerned, and they say everyone needs to take precautions in this type of weather. code red heat will dominate the forecast this week, and state health officials are concerned. with six deaths from the heat already this year. >> if people take good precautions, we can keep the number down. but with the heat going up this week, it is likely that we will see more deaths. >> the most common health concerns in this weather are heat stroke and heat exhaustion. people who have health conditions, like respiratory or heart problems, the elderly and the very young, are the most likely to be affected by this heat. but there are some things you can do to keep and you your family safe. >> plenty of fluids, stay out of the heat in the middle of the day if possible, get into air conditioning if you can. these are the types of things to protect yourself. >> and the secretary says everyone needs to heed the warnings, want just the people in the high-risk group
officers and maryland state troopers. all this follows a shooting at the harbor last weekend many the commissioner said the stepped up response was planned before that incident. >> pretty much everywhere and they aren't obtrusive but present. >> it's a secure place. we are safe for anything happens. >> reporter: marcia brought her 95-year-old mother to watch the fireworks. she chose baltimore over the nation's capitol. it was a day of celebrating, a reason to let loose all leading up to one bright and booming show. >> i think it's very nice. i see the -- mixing in together. coming out and visiting. it's a beautiful background. i love the water. >> reporter: so many people do love the water and so far there are no reports tonight of any major incidents. just people out enjoying one of the best fireworks displays in maryland. we are live at inner harbor. >> folks across the area spent the weekend celebrating america's birthday. now later we will take tout parades that made their way through area streets. first it's a pretty hot day today. how long will the temperatures stay? mik
have you to paa attention. >> o far this year theee have been six heat-related deaths in maryland. that's the tttal number of heat deaths reported out how hot the temperature got today. >> yeah, jenniier. very ht there's not a lot of breeze other than a light breeze out oo the south. currently looking at 84 in baltimore. 2 in d.c. 86 n haggerstown. frederickkburg cooleded down at 79 degrees. what we'vv seen is it stops. it's going to continue to get otter throuuh the afternoon. i'll show you how hot it is going to get and around in my seven-day stick -p>> you can be in charge of yor own personalized ffrecast. iradar is availlble at use the tools tt track storms to youu -pstreet. go to and click iradar. >>> a sad anniversary. it haa been one year since the shhcking murder of steve % mmnair. how thh former raven is being remembered. >>> a tarnishee holiday. how workers are cleaning up the oil-stained beachhs and what is moreedifficclt onnthis holiday >>> one yyar ago % independence-day ceeebrations in tennessee were overshadowed by t
been seen across the area. number of heat related deaths in maryland has already reached six. that's the same number reported in all of 2009. three deaths have been reported virginia and one in the district. people have be fwup to feel it. many people celebrating the fourth of july and we know the heatwave is effecting us up and down the eastern seaboard. be careful and dress appropriately and drink plenty of water. >> thank you. looking at this day ahead. now water restrictions in montgomery could be listed later today. the sanitary commission says crews are trying repair that massive water main in potomac. people could face a find. two citations have been issues and more than 200 warnings. >> metro removed some railcars fromer is sorry. the 4,000 series cars were pulled because of problems with doors. officials say they could open while the car where is moving. these dares can. but they will get put back in service as soon as repairs are complete in two to three weeks. plain's may be getting too comfortable in the sky. there's 22 near coalitions in the first six months of the y
is relief. the weather is definitely relative. as we check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar, things are not looking too bad, if you like the dry weather. if you don't like the dry weather we're not going to see it any time soon but we're going to need rain. glen burnie 72 degrees now. and we're just going to get hotter from there. hot, hot. that's scary, that red means it's really going to be hot outside. 95 degrees by lunchtime. afternoon 100. check out the evening, that really gets me, we're only going to cool down two degrees. >>> let's check the roads with kim. >> fortunately traffic looking a lot better than the weather this morning. because of the holiday. not a lot of people on the roadways. don't expect to see a regular rush hour. traffic is lighter than normal as we peek around the area now. traffic moving really well, hardly anybody out there. this is 82 just north of the beltway -- 83, moving nicely from mount carmel road to the beltway. beltway, northwest side at old court road, flowing freely on both loops. no problems across 50 headed to the tolls and making y
of pediatrics at the university of maryland hospital for children. she says the first sign of heat stress in kids can be tricky to spot. >> there may not be signs to begin with. prevention is really the key, like everything else for children who are just getting acclimated to new climates or new activities in the heat, it's real important they stay hydrated beforehand. >> reporter: that means making sure your child drinks plenty of water at least 15 minutes before going outside. the second sign of heat exhaustion is lots of sweating. >> if their clothes are sopping wet it's time to sort of change the clothes because they are losing a lot of heat. a lot of moisture. a lot of their ability to cool themselves. and so that's the time to sort of think -- are they hydrated enough? have they had enough fluids? can i get them in dry clothes so they can continue or better yet, get them into a cooler climate. >> reporter: the third sign, fatigue. >> kids love to play, to be active. if they are even showing themselves that they are not as active as they were or just seem to be sort of, you know, no
but it will be creeping back. 74 is the national airport. near 70 at southern maryland near the bay. many of the suburbs north and west in the 60s right now and off to a pleasant start. no travel problems anywhere across the eastern half of the country. enormous area of high pressure is in place. many locations in the upper 50s. eastern shore in the 60s right now. the view from space showing this giant area of pressure rotating around the top of our region. and it will be in place giving us plenty of sunshine. we'll have afternoon highs in the upper 90s and getting a little more humid. not oppressive yesterday but hot. it's going to be quite humid wednesday and into thursday and should be a bit cooler on thursday with a chance of thunderstorms. that's the way it looks right now. back to you. >> thank you, tom. for those of you who have been affected by mandatory water restrictions, you may get relief today. they have made real progress fixing a cracked main. the restrictions in montgomery and prince george's county could be lifted today. derrick ward reports. >> reporter: montgomery pool, a loophole in
officers and for the first time thhy had troopers from the maryland state police. no violence here but still a viollnt weekend. a lot of people they saw ouuside of the iiner harbor, what about the xtra prooeccion for hem. there's budgets limits aad by and large even though it was a violenn weekend, police say iit3 was criminaas shooting other criminals, regular folks they were pretty safe. joel d smith at the iiner harbor. >>> a fitch years old willl 15 e charged as an adult. he shot cordon canada. canada's sister tell us they can't imagine what would have led tt the shootinn. theer brotherrhad just graduated from higg school and had a p>ttat was two weeks ago and he was lookinggforward to august going to culinary school and ú%is issdevastating.3 >> that was my heart. >> powell is facing first-degree -urder harges. right now he is being held without bail at the baltimore couuty detentton center. he is exxected to have a bail reeiee tomorrow. >>> a fist fight turns deadly when the victim hits his head falling to the ground. 23-year-old robert r eiky died at shamrock courtt he wa
york's jones beach down to ocean city maryland, you could barely see the sand for the umbrellas as people flocked to the shore to cool off. throughout the northeast, they're bracing for even higher temperatures as the week moves on. bill karins will have more for us on that in just a few moments. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. in iowa, tragedy struck a fourth of july parade when two horses pulling a wagon were spooked and started galloping out of control. the run away steed dragged them for a six block stretch. sadly a 60-year-old woman was killed and at least 23 were injured. >>> in tennessee, flames lit up the night sky after one town's independence day celebration. moments after a fourth of july fireworks finale, an abandoned building burt into flames. it took fire crews hours to get the flames under control. officials say the fire started in a wire box on the roof. and have not said if the fireworks contributed to the blaze. >>> in michigan, a husband and wife spate their way to top honest are ors for the second year in a row.
into another car while trying to escape police on the eastern shore. maryland state police say that 19-year-old stopped by a trooper early yesterday morning. when asked to step out of the vehicle. he drove away. his ford explorer, which had two passengers, the vehicle then struck a ford mustang that had three people in it. the suspect's suv ended up on a sidewalk. police say cornish and his passengers tried to run, but they were caught. >> howard county police are investigating a failed collision between a moped and a pickup truck. officials say the moped's driver was killed in the crash shortly before 1:00 p.m. the driver of the pickup truck, 45-year-old was not injured. authorities say the crash occurred as the moped was traveling east and crews were turning left from the westbound lane. >> on takeoff and landing in the skies, passengers say they expect to be safe. the washington post sites that the faa and ntfb report in the past six months in the washington region, there have been 22 potentially dangerous mistakes by air traffic controllers and some involve near midair collisions. >>
trooperssfrom the maryland ssate police were helping to keep he peace. it marks the 3rd conseeutive wwekend with a lot of gunfire and shootings in the city. it's almost collusively ú%iminals shooting other crimmnals but the residents along the city not at the inner harbor ned extra protection, >>> a 15-year-old wiil be charge as adult accused of muudering his friend.ú corowe powell shot and killed jordan cnada early saturday morring in eesex. canada's siiter tell us they ccn't manage wh maggne what coe led o the shooting. %-school and had a promising future. >> that happened two weees ago and it was devastattng. >> you can learn from you, and3 that was my heart. >> powell is facing first-degree murder charges. right now he is being held without bail at the baltimore county detentiin center. he is expected to have a bill bl reviee tomorrow. >>> a fist fight turns deadly fflling to the head chalk messages remain where robert reeike dded. the edical exammner has ruled that he died from head trauua. police have arrested brian hence %--e is charged with ffrst degre assault and re
help from multiple agencies including for the first time maryland state police. >> we will have them out there, again in a variety of configurations. some plain clothed to monitor would be troublemakers. >> we have every confidence in them that they will do their job. we have worked with public works, the fire department as well. >> reporter: while visitors are relieved that there are 300 police officers out, some say they are always weary themselves. >> i don't have a problem going to an officer and saying, there's a problem over there. >> i only carry what i need. you can't get to it, i take care of myself. >> reporter: and that very community involvement is of course what the commissioner orders time and time again. for people to get involved in order to fight crime, whether it's 4th of july or not. we're live in the inner harbor, weijia jiang. >>> those people who flocked to the inner harbor tonight saw quite an entertaining show. they saw the navy band in action. the festivities were almost a no go this year. there was not enough money in the city's budget for the show. but the
vital for everything we eat. abc news, german town, maryland. >> a growing number of americans are traveling half way around the world, chasing a sweet dream. the end of their journey is italy's gelato university. they are learning the trade of making the treat similar to ice cream, but with less fat and more flavor. >> sweet and you forget all the bad things. the reason why people like to make gelato, to make healthy people. >> still need bees. the school says many of their students are in their 40 #áz, coming from places like california, maine, south korea, and sudan, looking for new direction in their lives and they found it with gelato. >>> it is perhaps one of the oldest bridges of its kind in the united states. the thomas viaduct is 175 years old today. and one local group is doing what it can to make sure the bridge is there for many more years to come. bill has the latest. >> reporter: entering the park, it towers over you, but often goes unnoticed. today, hundreds came to honor, the thomas viaduct. >> how old is it? >> 100. >> you know, it's older than that. >>
. this is moving south, trying to push showers westbound into maryland on wednesday and certainly we have clouds, cooler temperatures, and a few showers. anywhere between 97 and 102 degrees. only a five not breeze and weighs around 1 foot. whatever is around 80 degrees. -- water temperature is around 80 degrees. down to 90 with a chance for a shower or thunderstorm on thursday. upper 80's with some much- needed rain showers may be friday and saturday. >> thank you, tom. in the to the financial and emotional toll that the gulf oil spill is having and residents along the gulf coast as they hit a new high for bp. >> after one week after a supreme court nomination hearings, we take a look at what is ahead for the president's second bid for the high court. >> is the first day of a very special football camp that is bringing a lot of nfl stars to town. i have details coming up. >> as oil continues to spew from the broken oilwell in the gulf of mexico, the cost for this bill has now passed the trillion dollar -- the $3 billion market. there is no end in sight. the latest figure does not include the $20
the summer heat has been deadly. >> maryland and virginia and d.c. have already have as many or more heat-related deaths an record of all summer. >> good morning jeremy and vinita, it was a hot wave set to move in. as high pressure dominates the weather pattern for the next several days that is going to allow for bright sunshine and therefore temperatures will be toasty. 98 in central park, even into jfk airport it could be near 100 degrees by the afternoon. boston is set to be near 90 this afternoon. portland in the low 80s. and the humidity is on the rise as well. and this is going to become a problem as it feels even hotter with the dew point in upper 50s. in cities like philadelphia and new york city by the afternoon. it's going to get worse on tuesday, unfortunately, as the dew points will be climbing into the upper 60s. that's likely to make things feel like 105 or 106 degrees. philadelphia has heat warnings out and many other cities could be included in that threat as we head through the week. >> our thanks to ava with that message. >>> now for this morning's weather for around the
, to the news desk. >> speaking of the heat, it is our big story this morning. maryland health officials say six people have died this year due to the heat. >> as tony just mentioned, yet another heat wave is expected this week, 11 news reporter kim dacey is live in northwest baltimore with the story. good morning, kim. >> good morning. baltimore city has issued a code red heat alert for today through wednesday of this week. they say there have been six heat-related deaths so far in maryland this year, and that number could increase following this next heat wave. the best thing to do is try to stay out of the heat as much as possible and in the air conditioning. but if you do have to be outside, drink plenty of fluids and try to stay in the shade or wear a hat to protect your skin. the very young and elderly, as well as those with chronic health conditions like respiratory or heart problems, are more success septemberible to heat illnesses. but the secretary of the department of health and mental hygiene says everyone should take precautions. >> it can affect anyone, and so don't take this light
and maryland. do we have the m dot camera? out of easton, no problems, that's eastbound toll plaza at sandy point. very nice and easy right. bay sand is recommending that you leave after 11:00 so leave before 11:00 if you're heading back from the beach. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you, lauren. >>> well new this morning, a deadly accident out on the roads in northern virginia. it happened at 1:00 a.m. at the intersection of chapel road and glen cove drive if cliffton. there were six people in an suv that went off the road and hit a tree. a 31-year-old man died and five others are hospitalized. fairfax county police say it appears speed was a factor in the crash. >>> and also new this morning, a nasty accident involving a car and metro bus in south east d.c. a metro spokesperson said the driver of the car ran a light at 14th street and was t- boned by a bus. bus went on to hit one other vehicle. the were passengers on the bus at the time. one person was seriously hurt and three others suffered minor injuries but it's unclear whether those that were hurt were in th
is taking part in maryland's curatorship program. >> at different times we will pinch ourselves, is this really real real? we get to live here. >> reporter: the catch he pays to restore it and it is all the property of the state. he spent $90,000 in the first three months and has a lot more work planned. >> given a lifetime leasest lease you can justify fixing up a house and spending the time, effort and money fixing up because you can enjoy it the rest of your life. >> he rents farmland from the state. for them it is a dream come true. >> we could have never afforded anything like this. we would have to be multimillionaires and then if we were, we'd be working at some office job and still not able to enjoy it. >> reporter: the state of maryland is thrilled, too. >> there are homes everywhere that states can't afford to maintain and the program solves that problem for us. we get a historic house restored at no cost to taxpayers. >> reporter: since 1982, 43 historic buildings have been restored which is similar to ones currently in several other state and under consideration in m
. >>> on this star spangled holiday, a maryland tradition continues. >> i pledge allegiance, to the flag of the united states. >> reporter: the story coming up right here on wjz. >>> dangerous heat, the updated forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,, i am beautiful... on the inside. my inner-workings a work of art. a digestive tract that should be bronzed. and an immune system so stunning... my vet thinks i'm the eighth wonder of the world. [ female announcer ] introducing iams with prebiotics. prebiotics work inside, clinically proven to promote strong defenses. healthy inside... healthy outside. [ dog ] oh, hi, girls. nice day, huh? [ dogs whine ] i am an iams dog. [ female announcer ] learn more about prebiotics at in high definition... see detail that you didn't even know was there! and i'm standing like a little kid saying, "wow!" [ male announcer ] as if verizon fios wasn't amazing enough, we've added something new, a worry free guarantee. if you're not completely satisfied, you have the freedom to cancel. there's no term contract required. [ henry ] the fios installation wa
this year so far. six people in maryland have dieded from heat-related illnesses. that tops all of last year combined. there are four deaths in pennsylvania. three in virginia and one in dc. and from new england to the carolinas, people are looking for relief from the heat. in new york city, they have gone as far as to set up the water on the gulf station where people could find a place to stay hydrated. >> reporter: being called a hero this evening after saving the life of a 9-year-old boy. and the near drowning happened at the williamsburg townhouse community in germantown. armando trull reports on a day at the pool that almost turned tragic. >> reporter: that's right. in this germantown pool, quick thinking to avert a tragic. >> it's very terrifying. >> reporter: kelly wasn't ex%ing to save a 9-year-old -- expecting to save a 9-year-old boy's life. >> reporter: but that is exactly what the 18-year-old senior life guard did. >> i pulled him from the water. we did open his airways, tilted his head back and made sure he was okay. >> they acted very quickly as soon as they saw a situation hap
estado de maryland, ya cobro la vida de 6 personas.... esa fue la misma cifra que se reporto el ano pasado, con la diferencia que este ano, el verano recien empieza... lo peor se espera este mes y en agosto " en montgomery la primera muerte de esta temporada fue una anciana por la mayor parte ella estaba en una casa 95 o mas grados y no se podria mover bien ni nadie que la cuidara..." en washington y virginia ya sobrepaso el numero de muertos a comparacion con el ano pasado... virginia cuenta con 3 fatalidades y washington con una....este hispano amante del deporte, toma sus precausiones al limitar sus salidas .... "entre las 12 y las 2 trato de no estar afuera e, si estoy afuera me hidrato mucho..." calambres, dejar de sudar, dolor de cabeza acompanado con nauseas pueden ser una de las senales que su cuerpo necesita atencion medica y si usted conoce a alguien en su barrio o tiene un familiar de la avanzada edad , las autoridades urgen a que los visiten para corroborar que estan deshidratados y que tambien cuentan con aire condicionado
maryland is still at 100. that is the only reading still out there. take a look at the heat advisories. that's the district proper. over in northern virginia. that will be alexandria, arlington, and false church. tomorrow afternoon, very hot, very humid. and for the entire region for that matter. another code area, you get the triple threats. and that heat inside spending the day. >> i'm devon lucie, i'll have the complete forecast. and we have that in just a few more minutes. >> lindsey mastis spoke to some residence at the park triangle. and the air-conditioning that has been broken for more than a month. >> i can't sleep, i can't breathe. >> reporter: we put a thermometer in car men martinez's apartment. by noon, it was already 81 degrees. >> if you were outside, just laying on the sidewalk. >> reporter: they are not the only ones feeling the heat. they live on the top floor. >> reporter: she is paying $1,000 a month for this apartment. that has become an expensive closet. she and her children have not stayed here in more than a month. >> i can't get to the point where i can't cool
a number of deaths in maryland, 6 heat- related debts. aths. if you're going outside, proceed cautiously and stay hydrated. >>> by people are hospitalized after a serious crash involving a metrobus. that was a car after the car ran a red light at 15th street and pennsylvania street in southeast d.c. the force of the crash sent the cars into a car that was parked outside and there are two serious injuries. >>> occupants of three row houses are displaced after a rooftop fire at about 5:00 this morning. heavy smoke and flames were reported and 74 firefighters were called to the scene. there were no injuries but about 18 occupants of three separate homes have been displaced and the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >>> another fire broke out in a family home in the 3600 block of drews court in alexandria. >> the adult male tried to fight the fire. it was rolling into the kitchen the 911 dispatcher told him to get out of the house. >> everyone in the home got out safely. >>> repairs to the 96-inch crack water main in potomac are on schedule and should be wrapped up by the end of
and maryland state police were among the crowd making sure we had a safe and happy fourth of july. >>> we'll be back in a half-hour with another look at weather and traffic. >>> wow, you may be beating the heat with ice cream. imagine, no more ice cream? well, it's unimaginable. we'll give you the cold hard facts about the link to disappearing bees. who knew. >> good morning, america. david muir here. >> and i'm juju chang. robin and george are off. >> the holiday weekend continues and robin and george are back here tomorrow morning. this morning, we take a look at the vampire weekend at the box office. we were talking about this last week. "twilight." $162 million they pulled in at the box office, just when you thought you knew who was going to see the movies, break down the audience. >> and also this morning, the web is abuzz. everyone wants to know the real deal, the real reason why "the bachelor" jake pavelka and vienna called it quits. >> i'm sure you have real question of your own.s. but first. >>> the truly shocking case of the 7-year-old kyron horman. with more than a month having
. >> the number of brushfires this year so far cannot be obtained. according to the maryland forest service, it destroys as much as 6,000 acres every year during dry spells especially in the fall. reporting live, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> to have continuing coverage on our website. there you can use the interactive radar to track whether down to your street. get a list of local cooling centers, hours, and the locations. we want to know how you are keeping cool. send us your summer photos by clicking on "u-local." >> this fire happened just after 12:00 p.m. today on a southern cross drive. authorities believe the fire may have started in a closet. it took 30 minutes to bring it under control. nearly one half-dozen people were displaced. >> trouble this afternoon for train commuters. a train heading to washington stalled between boston and new york. there are conflicting reports. some passengers tweeted conditions were miserable and others say the train it did have air-conditioning and police were on board passing on water. baltimore city police investigate 10 shootings since saturda
been 66heat related maryland so you definitely want to stay inside if you can and keep yourself highway created and of course take -úadvantaae of cooling centers like this one. we arr life in north baltiiore, fox 45 news at 5:30. -ú>>> thank you. all of the cooling ccntert of locaaions in the city on our web site fox slash news link. >>> finn out how hot it gett this week. vytas joins us with he firrt look at the sky watch forecast. hiivytas. -ú>> hi karen and jennifer. throughhtthenext few daay. make sure that folks are one of the main foous we have to think abbut is stayingghi created aa weeekgoes on or higher innthe montt off 90 juue. last month veryyhot cooditions. morr 90's are onn% the way foo july aad normal highs re 86 degrees so looks hot wwatter on the way. this ús a problem we have tt deal with as we go thrrogh the next coupll of days. here'sswhat'ss% going on as we go throogh the affernoon tooightt we are looking at heat advisory uutil 8:00 o'clock tonight for úaltimore city and soothhen portion f baltimore county and also downnto dc beccase f
on the beltway, 95 in maryland and virginia looks great. -- let's get to jonbenet and -- let's get to on-time traffic and some brighter news. >> our hov restrictions are lifted on every major road except for routed 50. the john hansen highway. the traffic closer to your screen headed away from us, that is eastbound 66 and you are looking great right now. also, as you travel route 15 between leesburg and may market, we've got an accident 15 south of route 50 with a car that struck a utility pole so watch for that utility crew at the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> wal-mart may be coming to d.c. the "washington post" reports the world's largette retailers in talks to open what would be the first store in the district. no lease has been signed but reportedly the company has been looking for a site on new york avenue northeast near bladensburg road. >> folks in the suburbs know all about wal-mart. >> right. >>> coming up next ache web site that people turn to for everything from where to get their hair done to what doctors to see. but now, yelp is face something lega
name. >>> emergency communications service back online in southern maryland. for several hours people with verizon land line phones could not call 911 in calvert county. only cell phones worked. officials say the temporary outage was called by a pole fire along route 4 near plumb point road in prince frederick county. >>> wfsc cracking down on water restrictions, officers handing out a $500 citation as crews continue to work around the clock to repair a broken water main in potomac. they asked customers to cut water usage. while most people have complied, others haven't. so far police have issued 200 warnings. after that comes a $500 fine. wfsc says it's extremely important to follow the restriction. >> tossed the fourth of july. there are fireworks displays all around the area and we need to make sure that we have adequate fire protection in the event after fire emergency. and that is why that is the absolutely bottom line why everybody needs to comply with these restrictions. >> reporter: wfsc says its work is on track and it plans to wrap up repairs tomorrow. officials will decide
lifted today except for maryland. >> breaking news from southeast washington where five people were injured in a crash involving a metrobus. the bus hit a car after the car ran a red light. thes but then hit a tree, went across the road and struck a parked car. the crash remains under investigation. we have breaking news from northwest where fire fighters battleed a two alarm house fire just after 5:00 on road avenue. the bulk of the fire is out but part of the avenue remains closed. no injuries there but the fire is under investigation. our top story the dangerous combination of heat and humidity adam told you about. the area is under an air quality warning as temperatures soar towards the temperature mark and it helps the region block a milestone. good morning. >> good morning to you, doug. we're just getting break from all the experience pack in june and if you were heading out this morning you know this the heat is back on. theres major problem. mixed this making for a code air red quality. this air had been unhealthy. anyone headed outside for work or exercise should do so in
that was not just burgered and hot dogs. and we thought that one thing that is everyone's favorite is maryland crab cakes and a new york strip loin but to do mini sandwiches. and again hot mini crab cake and the cold sandwich and the concept is sliders. they're very popular today and we thought here is how you can do this for a picnic. >> it is great for a cookout. if you have to move things indoors you can oust use a skillet like we're doing today. >> that's right. >> so get us started. >> we have our traditional maryland crab cakes and we use a little bit of mayonnaise, old may, a little wore chest shire sauce. and we have sautes onions and we're going to pan fry them and finish them right in the pan and i'm doing a bunch for the crew. >> that's great. >> and you know what is nice about the lump crab meet is you can taste the crab meet and 're breading. >> right. and i'm known for our crab cakes where we don't use a lot of filler. just to put it together and then here very colorful. and this is a new york strip loan. we do ours differently. we smoke it with hickory chips and then we roast and sea
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